Shark fin Inn – Chinatown Melbourne

Shark Fin Inn has been a family favorite since the 80s. And are not here for sharks fin. This restaurant is always crowded and it’s best to make a reservation before going.

The manager recommended mud crab as they were in season, so we ordered one. Very nicely cooked with ginger, spring onion and garlic. IMG_7040.JPG

Then we’ll also pre-ordered the usuals:
Salt and pepper squid – tender and cooked just nice not chewy at all.


Taro or yam duck – so tasty and the taro tastes so good, fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.


Special tofu which was a recommended dish but did not taste so good, probably too floury


Stir fried spinach with garlic – for some greens


Chinese beef steak – so tender and flavorful, the snow peas were so crunchy!


Fried rice – mmmm so full of wok hei (wok smell)


Banana fritter – this was so good, crunchy thin batter with hot and creamy banana, went so well with the vanilla ice cream and golden syrup



Shark Fin Group

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