Pancake Dessert House – midcity arcade Melboune

In short, we call it Dessert House and no we do not have desserts there. We usually go for lunch or dinner and almost all their dishes are delicious!

Since we were students in the 1990s till now, this place never fails to impress. Even when in Singapore, I miss the food at Dessert House. It is that good to me. Their taste and portions did not differ much so standards and quality are still maintained. Only thing that changes is price. But it’s still worth it!

Our usual dish is the lemon grass chicken chop rice. It comes with an egg and some spring onions which are scalded with very hot oil so it brings out the fragrance and goes so well with the chicken and egg.


This time I tried something new, salted fish tofu and minced chicken on rice. As you can see, the savory gravy covered the whole plate I could not even see the rice. Finishing the tofu, chicken and fish was enough to fill me.


Try their cart noodle (车仔面) which you can pick and choose different dishes from a long list. I like their stuffed beancurd skin, eggplant, soy egg, chicken wings and pork skin. Their beef chiffon hor fun or thick rice noodles (滑蛋牛河), fried beef rice noodle (干炒牛河), salt pepper chicken ribs rice, xo seafood hor fun, any fried rice, etc are all very good.

Pancake Dessert House Eatery
03 9663 1400
Mid-City Arcade
18/200 Bourke St

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