My worst chai latte experience in Melbourne

In the Mero post, I mentioned about a not so good experience. All the cafes I’ve been to this trip have been great. There used to be a cafe called Greco which we frequent at Crown, but it was relocated and so we tried cafe Baci which was quite disappointing.

Pastries looked good. A pity they did not taste fresh and were way too sweet. Maybe our choices were wrong? My chai latte did not taste good. It seemed like they used sweetened soy milk (tasted like vitasoy) and I do not like my chai latte with sugar or sweetener. Service quality ranged about 5/10.

Probably would not go back again. We did not take any photos of the drinks but had a few shots of the pastries. There was a black forest, lemon meringue tart and a double/ triple chocolate tart or similar.




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