Meriton serviced apartment – Pitt St (Sydney)

When we first got to Sydney earlier this month, we stayed at Meriton apartments on Pitt St. There were quite a few Meriton apartments around our area. Our location was perfect, just 3 min walk from Town Hall station, diagonally across QVB on one side and Korean/ Thai/ China towns on the other. There was also Woolsworth at the corner of the street and a pharmacy right opposite the apartments. Ok, so the area we’re in was self sufficient.

The apartment we reserved was a 1 bedroom. We paid slightly more than AUD$200 per night and the apartment was really spacious. However, I’d probably check into a hotel next time as I’m pretty particular about cleanliness of accommodations (especially when I can spot them):
1. The toilet was not in the bedroom but it’s the first thing we saw when we entered. The wash yard and coat closet was just next to the door on the left (no photos)



2. There were mould and mildew around the bath door and just outside the bathroom



3. The kitchen looked grand, we had everything! Microwave, oven, dishwasher, crockeries, large fridge, etc… However one of the cabinets looked like it was falling apart from the bottom & the tap felt like it was coming off the counter top when I tried to turn it on.




4. The living and dining were also pretty decent except there seemed to be blood like stains on the couch (not exactly sure if they were)…



5. Room was fine except the lack of an ensuite. The air conditioner was set at 24 deg celcius. But the thermostat did not work very well. The living room felt fine but the bed room was so warm it felt like 30deg Celsius (at that time it was about 12deg celcius outside). I could not really sleep well those few nights probably also because I was not feeling well.



Overall, the stay was still fine and the issues did not bother us too much. The management offered to send technicians to have a look to address the issues but we did not bother to have them come by. We asked that they fix them up after we check out. This was partly because I was down with a bad cold, and had to stay indoors most of the time to rest and did not want any disturbance.

Also note that if you arrive early and expect to check in, chances are you may have to wait till 2pm. They are pretty strict on the check in time as they need time to clean the rooms. We had to wait for about 3hrs to check in.
Meriton Pitt St

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