Nakhon kitchen – great Thai food in the heartlands

Next to Pine Garden Cakes is Nakhon Kitchen which serves up good and economical Thai food. We arrived at about 6pm and there were a few people queuing ahead of us. However, we got a table pretty soon.

While we were ordering, the queue slowly built up. Food came quickly and the Thai iced tea was good. It had a strong tea taste and was not too sweet. Presentation was nice, like an iced latte where the milk and tea separates but did not have a photo.

We ordered 2x Thai iced tea, 1x honey deep fried chicken rice, 1x stir fried chicken basil rice (with egg) and 1x tom kha talay (tom yam coconut seafood soup).



We also ordered take away of 1x pad Thai and 1x Thai otak (Thai fish cakes) for the next day. Both were very good but no photos.

Everything we ordered cost only $35.

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