Pine Garden cakes

Pine Garden is an unassuming cake shop and bakery in the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio. They are famous for their alcohol infused cakes and one of them is the lychee martini… IMG_7312.JPG
As mid autumn festival is round the corner, they also have mooncakes, piggy biscuits in ‘cages’ and Teochew cakes wrapped in white and red paper. IMG_7313.JPG

Not only do they have special flavored cakes, they also have really nostalgic buttercream cakes which were simple and delicious!



And don’t we like some kick in our cakes?

So we bought the flavors below:


Mango passion – Filled with heaps of fresh mango bits and passionfruit cream smoothen over classic vanilla spongecake.
not too sweet, slightly sourish due to the passion fruit. Lightly fragrant due to the marriage of the 2 fruits!

Baileys chocolate crunch – Premium chocolat noir crunch and Baileys Irish Cream between layers of soft coffee sponge

Peach Melba – Inspired by the nostalgic Arctic Roll dessert; soft vanilla sponge, layer with raspberry marmalade & filled with chunks of peaches & vanilla beans.

Blackforest – Three layers of moist chocolate cake with fresh cream and Rum soaked cherries in between.

Moscato Soursop –
A delightful vanilla cake, filled with sweet Moscato dessert wine-infused soursop pulps

Lychee martini – Layers of lychee cake with martini-soaked lychee fillings, a definite burst of pleasure.

Pulut hitam – Pulut hitam is black glutinous rice porridge in Malay. This cake had pulut hitam mousse sandwiched between soft sponge cake with pulut hitam bits and topped off with more pulut hitam. Great twist to the usual dessert.
Pine gardens cakes

5 thoughts on “Pine Garden cakes

    1. TQ backpackerlee, your SG fast food blogs are amazing! I haven’t even been to many. Just to name a few like Le nu, shibuya toast, Cajun kings, sloppy cakes, bochinche, etc! Though not all were fast food, the installments were an impressive coverage of different food in SG!


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