My 3 favorite foods in BKK

Thai food is one of my favorite cuisine. There are many Thai dishes that I like but if I were to list the top 3, they would be the simplest foods around…. The 3 things I must eat when in BKK (Bangkok, Thailand) and conveniently located at Siam Paragon are:

1. Ranking at #1 is pork leg rice. The default or standard order comes with some skin and fats with lean pork, salted vegetables and kailan with rice. Call me silly but I’d always order without fats and skin plus an egg (some like it with the skin and fats as they are the real tasty bits). Just realized this trip that the soft boiled egg tasted better than the soy egg. Drizzle some chili in fish sauce, add some Thai spicy sausage from the food hall (50baht per 100g) and I’m off to cloud nine! To me, the most accessible and delicious pork leg rice is at Siam Paragon food court. IMG_7612.JPG







2. After a satisfying fill of pork
Leg rice, #2 dish is the shibuya honey thick toast at After You. This ever busy cafe is near the food hall, opposite Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant takeaway counter. The Shibuya Honey toast is out of this world and keeps you coming back for more. The double scoops of vanilla ice cream means abundance of creamy goodness, the whipped cream is an added bonus but I’m happy with just ice cream. Maple syrup is also provided and a good drizzle perfects the toast. The toast is slightly crispy on the outside, savory buttery goodness throughout the bread, coupled with vanilla ice cream with maple syrup…. Oohlala yummy goodness in every bite!









3. Must eat #3 is the famous mango sticky rice. Having it locally is still the best. The rice is soft and glossy, the Ming bean is crunchy and the mangoes so sweet. As the sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk, I usually skip the extra provided. However, adding it adds to the fragrance of the coconut. A portion like this costs 120baht.


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