Som Tam Modern Thai Fusion

Som Tam open its doors on 21 Sep and is conveniently located on Level 8 of Orchard Central. It’s a new venture by the Jus Delish group, and Gin Khao at east coast park is also under the same management. 

 The restaurant is really long and spacious. As it was a weekday night, crowds only started to stream in at about 7pm. 

They have a wide selection of food and I really like their menu, designed like a magazine with vivid photos which made us salivate! Dishes offered were also traditional with a twist. 

 we started with some Thai iced tea and coconut mojito. The Thai iced tea was not too thick or sweet, just nice if there weren’t so much ice. The coconut mojito was very refreshing! It’s a very light drink,  for those who like really sweet and flavorful drinks, you may not fancy this. 

 Gai tod – Bangkok street style fried chicken with Thai garlic and sweet chili sauce was crispy, savory and fragrant. The sweet sauce enhanced the flavors of the dish. 

 Krapow Gai – spicy basil chicken rice. Not many places make this well. This version was pretty good in my perspective. The savory/ sweet balance was optimum. Generous amount of minced chicken and rice. 

 Kapo beef burger – grilled succulent shrimp paste beef patty topped with fried egg, cheddar cheese and Thai hot sauce. Ok this burger was very nice though it’s not the usual burger where one chooses the patty doneness. However the burger was served with the patty looking very cooked and there were some refreshing salads within, something like bahn mi where pickled veges are added? Yummy! And did I mention the accompaniment of truffled tom yum fries…. Awwww delicious!

After you toast?! – sweet toast served with gelato, whipped cream, palm sugar syrup. Well we were expecting this to taste like the Bkk after you shibuya honey toast but not!!! It’s quite different from the original. Though crispy, the butter did not seem enough compared to the original. So perhaps a healthier version?? We chose Thai basil with choco chip gelato and that was yums! Could not taste the fragrance of the palm sugar though…

Our total bill for the meal was approximately $70. Not exactly cheap but we did order white abit. And we will be back to try more of their dishes!

We are back again to try more!!

A few days later, we are back to try more of their dishes.

Coffee ice cubes with milk – strong coffee ice cubes with uht milk and syrup on the side. This was very good except it will be better with fresh milk! 

Tom kha gai – spicy savory coconut soup with chicken and mushrooms. This was on the lighter side, for those who prefer simple taste this dish is good, comes with a serving of rice. 

 Sautéed beef pad thai with truffle oil – savory and sweet rice noodles evenly coated with oil (though not able to taste much truffle), beef slices were quite generous and overall the dish was yummy. 

 Mango with black glutinous rice – I’m a big fan of mango sticky rice. the usual version of this dish comes with white glutinous rice. Though the combination is fine, the rice was not cooked evenly. Some parts were mushy while some parts undercooked. However we still finished it as we did not mind the chewy texture and the coconut milk sauce enhanced the flavor of the dish. 


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    1. Hello! The coconut mojito ingredients were really just coconut water, Thai lime and mint leaves. Maybe some palm sugar or pandas leave syrup may enhance the taste. Perhaps you can try it too and let me know how you go with it 😉

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