Heads or Tails – Siam Paragon

As mentioned in my previous post, most of the food blogged about this trip were from Siam Paragon. This post is no exception, it’s about Heads or Tails.




There are a lot of traditional toast coffee shops in Singapore and they are all great. In Singapore, we call coconut jams ‘kaya’. This small stall in Siam Paragon is slightly different. Yes, they also sell traditional kaya toasts but their flavors are more contemporary. They have vanilla, taro kayas. The only standard flavor similar to Singapore’s was pandan. Other special flavors also include chocolate, ovaltine, condensed milk, chili paste shredded pork, etc. They also sell their bread, butter and kayas.






– purple: taro kaya
– orange: vanilla kaya
– green: pandan kaya
– yellow: butter

We ordered the pandan kaya and condensed milk toast with bon bon coffee. The condense milk toast was nice but nothing special. The pandan kaya was too runny for my liking as I’m used to the thicker jammy texture. But it was still fragrant and not too sweet. The Bon Bon coffee was interesting and quite nice. It tasted like traditional coffee but with a cinnamon stick as stirrer and additional evaporated milk and a glass of tea was unusual.



Head or Tails

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