Let’s relax spa – Siam Square 1

If you’ve seen the previous post about Thann Sanctuary you’ll know I love massage.

This time, Let’s Relax! IMG_7721.JPG


This spa is more economical. We chose the 2hr Thai massage for 800 baht. As this is a rigorous massage, the masseur will make sure she uses her hands, knees, legs and feet to massage and move you in yoga like positions to ensure you are fully stretched. She will also go on top of you to crack those stubborn knots.


We were given welcome drinks (pandan lemongrass) and the masseur washed our feet. The treatment rooms were much simpler, no frills and had a steamer for herbal compresses.






What I like about this spa is the price and the after massage dessert. We had one of my favorite food, mango sticky rice and herbal tea.



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