Rucola, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits, herbed omelette

We had some rucola and was thinking of how we could use them. There were also some eggs, left over bacon bits and cherry tomatoes. Salad was one option. But perhaps making a herbed omelette might be more satisfying. And so that was decided, quick and easy dish within 20min.

I used 4 eggs, beaten up and lightly seasoned with some salt and cracked black pepper. Also added 1 tbs of mirin and 3 tbs of full fat milk. When the omelette was half set, add on the halved cherry tomatoes and bacon bits. Heap with a handful of rucola and serve the omelette folded into half. IMG_8059-0.JPG









Upon serving, place another handful of rucola topped with a dollop of onion and bacon dip and sprinkle more bacon bits. It was savoury and satisfying, buuuurrrpp!



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