Supply & Demand – Italian with Southeast Asian influence

Supply and demand at Orchard Gateway offers Italian food with a twist of Asian while its other branch at the Esplanade Mall offers the same menu and a rooftop bar, good to chill out in the evenings.






The menu at this restaurant/ cafe blew me off. There were 50 types of teas to choose from, each flavour looked tempting. For food, there were 2 pages of chichetti (snacks/ side dishes in italian), 2 pages of Southeast Asian dishes, a page of meats (Carte blanc), 2 pages of pastas, 3 pages of pizzas and desserts. We were really spoilt for choice. The menu posted is not complete, but just to give a feel of the types of dishes available.









We had iced peach tea which came with juicy peach pieces but it was flavoured with peach syrup. 6/10


The yummylicious tomato bruschetta! Perfectly toasted garlic bread with freshly chopped tomatoes, parsley and shaved parmesan on top. Salad with balsamic and olive oil. This has got to be my favorite for the night. 8.5/10


Fries with a side of guilt was good but not great. Garlic truffle fries with cheddar sauce topped with jalapeño and bbq sauce on the side. Good dish to order for a group of four but not for 2 of us. The fries tasted good but thought I could do without this dish. 6.5/10


Then we had the regular pizza in 2 flavors, Seared beef and four cheese. Both flavors were good. Beef was medium rare with a generous serve of rocket. Cheeses on the four cheese were also spread generously. We loved the pizza. 7/10


Supply and demand

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