Jew Kit @ Killiney Road

Jew Kit specializes in chicken rice. Most tables ordered that but we did not order the chicken. What attracted us to this eatery is the decor (so nostalgic with the posters and furnishings) and the dishes they offer. They are also a ‘tze char’ (煮炒/ literally means cook fry) stall! IMG_8582.JPG


Their menu is in the form of a leaflet which is also used to give away to passerbys. It’s called the Jew Kit Times.



We ordered the pomelo drink with mint leaves. I was looking forward to how pomelo drink would taste though as I love pomelos but it was actually yuzu with cream soda without much mint taste.


Then came the shrimp dumpling soup which was pretty good.


The beef hor fun with special sauce tasted like sweet black bean sauce. As I prefer my mains savory, and I did not like celery, this was a little disappointing.


Crispy noodle with seafood was a little tasteless for me. Seafood was fresh though so that was the saving grace.


Lastly, as we were wondering how the chicken rice tasted, we ordered a portion without the meat. It was good, but could be a little more savory. The chili and ginger tasted sweet and so I was not so keen.


Overall, the meal there was slightly disappointing for me, but my sister liked it. Depending on your preference, you may like the food there.

Jew Kit



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