Cafe Mondo has Kapiti ice cream!

Cafe Mondo at Orchard Central used to be Seventh Heaven Artisanal Dessert. They are now a halal restaurant which serves waffle burgers, fries, pastas and more yummy food other than desserts. Best of all, they have my favorite ice cream brand, Kapiti! IMG_8603.JPG

I am not a fan of ice cream but I love fig and honey ice cream from Kapiti. Kapiti is from New Zealand. They produce cheeses, ice creams and desserts. And I am glad Cafe Mondo have most flavors stocked.




We tried their beef Mac and cheese which was average. The beef came in very small cubes and were overcooked. We would probably enjoy more if it was plain Mac and cheese.


Then we ordered the 12 mini scoops of ‘house decided’ ice cream served in frozen muffin pans. We just left it to the cafe staff to pick and choose the flavors.


1st row left to right – Blueberry muffin, Vintage strawberry & cream, Passionfruit & lemon curd, Chocolate & hazelnut

2nd row left to right – Affogato, After dinner mint, Lemongrass & ginger, Ginger nut

3rd row left to right – Double cream & Cookies, Spiced apple crumble, Raspberry sorbet, Black Doris plum creme fraiche

All the flavors were nice but we enjoyed Passionfruit & lemon curd, Chocolate & hazelnut, Affogato and Spiced apple crumble the most. It was a pity the ice creams melt pretty quickly. We wished there was dry ice under the muffin pans to keep the ice creams frozen longer so we could enjoy them more.

Cafe Mondo

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