Lunch @ The Clifford Pier

In 1933, Clifford Pier used to be a landing point for immigrants and sea passengers. In Chinese it’s called 红灯码头 (literally means red light pier) because a red lamp was used by the pier as a guide to seafarers. Subsequently it became a terminal for tourist and day trippers to nearby islands.

Today, it’s replaced by The Fullerton Bay Hotel and it is where the Clifford Pier restaurant is located.



Clifford Pier restaurant offers western and local fare. Some may prefer to have hawker food at markets or hawker centers. But I’ve read that this restaurant serves some decent hawker fare. For those who wish to enjoy hawker fare at a classy environment, this is it.



The restaurant was a beauty and it was so spacious. Reminded me of The Siam which I went 2 years ago. With high ceiling, tasteful chandelier, the plush sofas, furniture, lamps…. Oooh… spells love!



The view’s spectacular, we saw the cluster of hotels at the esplanade/ promanade area on the left, the flyer and marina bay sands in the middle and the mbfc (marina bay financial center) on the right.


Now, the menu and the food





We wouldn’t go for their wines as they seemed to be highly marked up. What I liked was the 3 types of keropok (crackers) – fish, belinjo/ emping, spiced peanut.


The pier burger – doneness for the beef was medium and was good but could be better if we’d order it medium rare. The blue cheese was strong but we’d prefer a little more. Just a note that the onion jam should be spread out before eating. Overall, I’d give a 7.5/10


The pier lobster roll – I loved this! The bun was soft, fragrantly toasted and spread with butter. The lobster chunks were generous and the truffle fries, I finished them! Yums! 8/10


Kopi O ice cream – I was wondering how kopi o (black coffee) can be made into ice cream and still be called kopi o? The dish came and it was coffee ice cream (with milk). The kopi o were the 2 little jellies. Both ice cream and the jelly were too sweet for my liking. However, the you tiao which had a very strong oil taste was uber crunchy. Even though the you tiao was crunchy, I would give this a pass the next time. 5/10


We’ll be back again for their local fare!

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