The Royal Mail (in Singapore)

A small and simple restaurant located on level 2 of Ascott on Finlayson Green. As we love beef, had to try out their prime rib as that’s their signature. There is a bar on level 1 as we enter the building.


We were served choux puff with Gruyere cheese & black pepper. I love those as they were so soft, flavorful and delicious. I had 2 of them.


Next we had the amuse bouche which was seared tuna lemon olive capsicum. It was tangy and savory, good but a little sinewy for the tiny piece of fish.


House pour $15 per glass – we were a little disappointed with the stained glass for the white and debris floating on the top for the red.


Sous vide half Maine lobster
When everything came together, ooh the flavors of the sauce and ham were bursting with the tenderness of the lobster. Special highlight on the ham, it was crisp so that added texture to the dish. 8/10


Pan seared foie gras
Foie gras was pan fried to perfection.Special mention on the tempura Camembert, very well executed and interesting texture of the soft and the crispy. The dish could have done without the candied fruits. 7.5/10


Lobster linguine

Al dente pasta, generous chunks of lobster, tomatoes, shaved cheese in an aglio olio base. I’m not sure if I tasted any squid from the espuma/ foam. Overall the dish is was good. 7.5/10


Roast prime rib classic cut
As a signature dish, the beef was average. However, the gravy was thick and flavorful unlike the famous prime rib house in Singapore which is no doubt flavorful but the consistency is much thinner. I’m not too keen on dishes with rosemary so I’m glad the beef did not taste too strong on the herb. The garlic and Brussels sprouts were good. The Yorkshire pudding however was quite dense and dry. 7/10


Truffle mash
It’s good but the texture could’ve been finer. A little more salt would’ve been good. 7/10


Eaton mess
Fresh strawberries, thin meringue sheets, caramel, fresh cream, hazelnuts. This was quite good. 7.5/10


My favorite dish was the sous vide lobster followed by the lobster linguine. Friendly wait staff and prompt serving of food and service. Our total bill was about $223 but after using the palate discount from American Express card, we only paid $120!

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