Joo Hing Teochew Restaurant @ Joo Chiat

Joo Hing like Ah Orh are Teochew restaurants serving no frills traditional dishes. There is no fancy decor or waiters in nice uniforms. Just pure yummy goodness…


All their signature dishes were listed outside the restaurant.


Their menu is simple, just one sheet with 2 printed sides.



We ordered 3 dishes –
Sweet potato leaves with sambal (7.5/10) – wok fragrant tender greens with a spicy kick.


Prawn paste fried chicken wings (8/10) – crispy, succulent and fragrant wings left us wanting for more…


Steamed carp head (7/10) – very fresh fish head with a fair bit of collagen on the skin. There were quite a lot of fine bones between the flesh and tasted a little muddy. Otherwise tasty with the spicy fermented soybean sauce and crispy lard pieces.



We enjoyed the food at Joo Hing and will definitely be back to try more of their dishes!


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