The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

This restaurant opens at 12.30pm for lunch everyday. Slightly after 12 noon on a Monday, a queue starts forming (as no reservations allowed)… By the time it’s opened, all the tables were occupied within 5min. That is how popular this restaurant is.




Here’s some snapshots of their menu







Food is generally fresh, tasty and value for money. The highly recommended and popular dishes include the scallop mentaiyaki, salmon aburi sushi roll, chirashi don, sirloin steak, Wafu spaghetti and tofu cheesecake.

We managed to try all the popular dishes except the tofu cheesecake which was not available.

Pitan tofu 7/10 – $5.90 per cup. Century egg sauce with tobiko, shredded surimi, chopped century egg and tofu. This was cold, creamy and tasty


Scallop mentaiyaki 8/10 – $13.90. This is a must try. Fresh thin slices of scallops which were sweet and flavorful with the mentaiko mayo and slightly charred fragrance


Sirloin steak 8.5/10 – $14.90 per 100g. We really loved this puny little piece of meat. For a taste, the 100g was alright but to really enjoy it, I’d say a minimum of 200g order


Salmon aburi sushi roll 7.5/10 – $14.90. Nice and tasty with the salmon and mentaiko mayo on the outside slightly charred, the middle was stuffed with cucumber and shredded surimi. Was expecting more raw salmon in the middle though…


Normal chirashi don 8/10 – $24.90. There were 4 levels of chirashi dons. This was the 2nd tier which came with thick slices of fish and seafood and generous serving of ikura (salmon roe). Delicious!


Ankimo 6/10 – $15.90 for 3 pieces. The monkfish liver was fresh. However the ponzu sauce (citrus/ yuzu soy) was so little, the liver tasted quite dry. As you can see from the photo, hardly any sauce. Request for more ponzu when ordering.


Wafu spaghetti 7.5/10 – $10.90. Very tasty but abit too rich for my liking. Would also prefer if the spaghetti was done al dente as our serving was a little overdone. This is a favorite among many patrons but I’m happy with just the raw stuff!


Inaniwa udon 6/10 – $12.90. Again the udon like the spaghetti was overdone. The dipping soy sauce for the udon was a little light. After dipping the udon, we could not really taste the flavor of the sauce.


Prices are quite reasonable. We spent about $150 for 4 pax inclusive of tea. I will be back for their tofu cheesecake.


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