Espa & Tangerine

After checking in at Equarius Hotel, exploring the surroundings, checking out the Cute dolphins, and a good lunch at Ocean Restaurant, it’s time for relaxation just outside the hotel!

At Espa, other than their facials, massages and treatments, they offer different areas to relax. Their signature facilities include Turkish Hammam, Vitality Pools, Forest Onsen-style Pools, Rock Saunas, Crystal Steam rooms, which patrons who booked a spa session can enjoy for free. Not forgetting the spa café Tangerine.

Led by Chef Kittichai, Tangerine offeres healthy and refreshing dishes. As we came for tea and light bites, we tried their cleansers which were the bael fruit tea, lemongrass pandan lemon infusion (no photo) and lemongrass jelly in chilled coconut. The drinks were average, jelly not spectacular but we enjoyed our time there anyway as we simply love the restaurant’s ambience, quiet, surrounded by lush greenery, so relaxing!

Some spa packages also include a light meal after, so do check with the reception or upon booking a session. With the RWS invites membership, there is also some discount when dining. We will be back to try their dishes. 

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