Absolute indulgence at Espa

Last year we had a very nice staycation at Hotel Equarius and had a chance to step into Espa where we had lunch at Tangerine, a restaurant within the spa compound serving healthy options and spa cuisine by Thai chef Ian Kittichai.

Over the weekend, I finally got to try the facilities at Espa with a 60min massage session which was sheer bliss. Espa is known as a destination spa. By wikipedia’s definition, a destination spa is a resort centered on a spa and it sure lived up to its name. Best spa in Singapore in my perspective.

We were brought on a short tour of the facilities and were provided spacious lockers. The changing rooms and showers were very spacious. Guests booked on a minimum 60min treatments could freely use the spa facilities at no extra charge, for as long as they wish till the spa closes for the day.

Entrance to Espa from the parking lot in the basement 

Take a lift up and enter the spa reception where we were seated, provided a chilled refreshment and cold towels to cool down.

 After the facility tour, we were guided to our lockers and each guest provided with an elastic beaded wristband with the locker number tag. Each locker came complete with towel, microfiber robe, hair tie, disposable underwear, a bag for swim suit, foam slippers.

We then headed to the onsen pool. Though it was a warm day, soaking in one of the 2 the hot pools was quite relaxing. 

We headed to the cold pool which looked similar to the warm spa pool. The spa pool had water jets providing massaging effects in 3 ways at different sections. 

Next we headed to the warm stone seat outside the crystal steam room and rock sauna for some Mount Fuji spring water. Then onto the steam room and sauna! There’s 2 showers for guests to cool down if the steam was too much to handle.

After all the heat, there’s a little ice mountain to help cool our wrists/ pulse points. Simply take a piece of ice and place it on the wrist.

After freshening up, it’s time to head to the 1st chillout lounge to relax and wait for our therapists. We had some basil/ citrus infused water and chai tea while we waited. The view of the onsen pool was also delightful. Plus there were private booths for small groups.

 We were then escorted to our treatment rooms which were much bigger than any other spas I’ve been. It could easily be a spacious ensuite single bedroom. The therapist would have a short consultation then recommend 2 different oils to choose from. I chose the rejuvenation which was a blend of flowers/ rose. Very pleasant and soothing essential oil.

After the very relaxing massage, we were advised to leave the oil on for at least 2 – 4 hours for deep penetration and moisturize our skin. Then we were escorted to the 2nd chillout lounge which was the meeting point for me and my buddy for some tea and snacks (crunchy roasted almonds and cranberries). We were so glad as we got quite hungry after the treatment. Nice view of the pond isn’t it?

   Then guests may also choose to relax/ sleep/ nap at the sleep zone. The individual pods reminded me of 1st class beds on the plane but of course nicer at Espa. Equipped with reading lights, ample pillows and blankets, how thoughtful.

 The nail treatment area was also nice 

 We spent a total of almost 4.5hours at Espa. Our 60min treatment cost about $215. With the RWS rewards card, credits can be used to offset the cost. You may or may not be pleased to know that other than the hot onsen and waiting/ chillout lounges, all other areas are separated by gender. That means privacy for many but for couples expecting to spend time together, nah… Not happening for the common areas. However, the couple could pay more for the suite so both could have their treatments together. 

Espa is located just next to Hotel Equarius. Booking is required to avoid disappointment. Prior notification is needed if hammam, hot stone or special treatments are desired.


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