More food @ RWS – Forest

After trying out Ocean RestaurantTangerine and Syun, it’s Forest this time. 

Forest is celebrity chef Sam Leong’s restaurant. Named after his wife who grew up in Thailand and is a chef, their specialties are Thai Chinese fusion dishes. 

On weekends, they have a special menu for kids and adults featuring their best dishes. Kids – $32++; Adults – $68++

The dishes posted are in running order as per the menu. 



Forest delights were avocado purée with sago and chocolate brownie.

Overall the meal was nice but not fantastic. Some dishes were good – abalone, wasabi prawn, cod fish.

Some were average – tuna tartar, Vietnamese roll, chawanmushi, beef tenderloin

Others were misses – Ee fu noodles, porridge and dessert. The noodles and porridge were quite bland and the desserts taste very mediocre. 

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