Back to Bangkok 2015 – part 1

The last we were in Bangkok was Aug 2014 when we stayed at Kempinski which was just a stones throw away from Siam Paragon (BTS Siam station). This time we chose Natural Ville along Langsuan Road, off Ploenchit Road (closest BTS station was Chidlom). Our accommodation was very spacious, 75 sqm one bedroom apartment. It was appropriate for 3 or 4 adults. The only qualm we had was the ensuite bathroom and toilet. Bathroom and toilet were not separated. For a group of 3 to 4, we’ve to take turns.


As we arrived in time for lunch and were hungry, we grabbed whatever we could find along Langsuan roadside stalls. There were noodles, deep fried and grilled skewers, grilled bananas, green papaya salad and more. 

For the actual lunch, we tried Greyhound, located at Central Chidlom shopping mall (less than 10min walk from our apartment). 


For starters, we had Thai iced tea frappe, traditional northern food platter B$320, Khao Soi B$180, Yum Japanese Seaweed with harusame glass noodle B$220, chicken wings, Fried rice with dried salty fish B$180 and for dessert we tried sakoo piek B$80. 


Most dishes were good except the northern food platter which had too much lard and we left most of it untouched. The other disappointing dish was the Yum seaweed salad as it was too salty. Just a note, all of sakoo piek’s ingredients which are essentially sago with water chestnut, savory coconut sauce and coconut sherbet must be eaten together as found the sauce too salty on its own.

Fried rice, chicken wings and khao Soi were good!

We then headed to walk around Central Embassy and tried the worlds tiniest ice cream cone at Issaya. We tried tamarind, cinnamon chocolate and vanilla and they were all good. For a bite at B$25 each I would say they were expensive.

Then we headed to check out Eathai at the lower ground which is a local goodie and fruits cum food court section. We bought some local snacks to give away. They also serve street food, and local fare. Goodies and fruits must be purchased but the food court uses the card system where patrons pay upon leaving. There is also an Issaya cooking school within Eathai. 


For dinner, we had something to share at Siam Paragon food court. Our favorite pork leg rice and duck noodles. 


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