Back to Bangkok 2015 – part 3 – Royal Thai Handicraft Center and more food


We ended the Damnoen Saduak trip with a visit to the Royal Thai Handicraft Center. The sculptors were impressive. Their work were exquisite, very fine work indeed. The rocking chair would be an impressive piece to have at home. 


When we came back to the city at about 3pm, we were famished! Boy were we glad to have yummy food at The Little Kitchen which was conveniently at Central Chidlom, about 10min walk from Natural Ville.  All the dishes such as rice noodles rolled with tuna herbs/ vege, charcoal stir fried rice noodles with chicken, stir fried garlic seafood rice noodles, and seafood Tom Yum were delicious and reasonably priced! 






As we were tired from the trip, we just bought take aways from the wonderful Central Foodhall for dinner so we could chill in our apartment. The selection was quite substantial, we were spoilt for choice as there were local dishes, soups, pastas, breads and more. We bought garlic bread and ciabatta to go with minestrone and spinach soup, 2 kinds of pasta, grilled Veges, corn, rice roll wrapped with minced pork and fruits. 



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