Bali – itinerary for a day


For those who do not have much time in Bali and would like to see as much as possible, this itinerary may be of interest to you. Starting at 9am – 9pm, we covered 5 main attractions and squeezed in lunch, dinner and a supermarket trip. 

9 – 10.30am – tanah lot/ purah batu bolong

To see the temple on a rock, volcano lava rocks used to build the temple foundation and blowhole. Visitors could walk towards the temple during low tide. This temple is located at the west coast of Bali.


10.30 – 12.30pm – Green Village

Amazing architecture in construction, and villas made entirely using bamboo. No nails! See me standing next to the beautiful bamboo swivel door and the little hut is the Eco toilet. Green bamboo tunnel to the villas.








12.30pm – 1.30pm – the hanging gardens

One of the worlds most luxury villas is the hanging gardens (ubud). Amazingly serene views of the greenery and the gorgeous infinity pools is to die for. Food here is also amazing! To take the tram down to the restaurant and pool, we each had to spend a minimum of RP350,000. 












1.30 – 3pm – tegalallang rice terrace

Amazing of rice terrace located in the north of ubud. We had lunch at Cafe Dewi’s facing the vast rice terrace while it rained. It was a relaxing experience with the sound of rain and layers of green beauty in front of our eyes. 


3 – 6pm – pura luhur Uluwatu  

One of Bali’s spiritual pillars, also known as the famous cliff hanging temple is a great place to watch the sunset. Beware of the many monkeys and do not wear specs or sunglasses. They will take them off us and exchange for food. 


6 – 7.15pm – Carrefour supermarket 

For some fruits and snacks

7.15 – 9pm – dinner at naughty nuri’s coming in the next post!

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