Bali – Hu’u Villas, Seminyak

We decided on Bali, a beautiful island in Indonesia for my birthday trip. Coincidentally there was another lady who shared the same birthday as me on the plane. The air stewards wished the both of us via the PA system, then gathered all passengers and sang us a birthday song. How sweet!

The view before landing was already amazing, so I really could not wait to get to our villa at Hu’u, Seminyak. From Ngurah Rai airport, the drive took about 40min. Bali is an island of Hinduism and therefore we saw lots of interesting statues and temples on our way.
      And so we arrived! The reception/ check in was tiny, just enough for 4 – 6 guests. However they have a nice bar and spacious chill out areas. Next, our villa which is a loft and very spacious! Comes with welcome drink of lychee martini or mint lemon tea. Both were nice but I preferred the mint tea.

   The toilet and shower were separate and spacious. There’s also a bathtub with a garden view. Very nice indeed! Lots of space so even with 2 or 3 guests, everyone can lounge comfortably. 

    The bedroom on level 2 was huge, with an additional toilet which is convenient as I was expecting only 1. We were happy with our villa and so it’s time to chill! Cheers everyone!


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