Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh


We’ve passed by this stall many times but have never really noticed it or wished to try. Finally when deciding what to eat at Tiong Bahru, the family just decided to walk in spontaneously for lunch. 

For an introduction of bak Kut Teh (pork rib tea), please Click here. The family loved the version from this stall. Personally I’d prefer this over the last shop I’ve tried too because of the taste of the dishes went well with us and price wise, more economical. 


Some of us had the liver/ kidney combo, while some had the pork rib (aka dragon bone), and lean sliced pork. Then to share, stewed beancurd skin and puffs, a stewed lean pork leg and stir fried sambal potato leaves. 


Just some notes on the dishes

  • Some slices (not all) of kidneys might have a little ammonia tint (after all it’s used to filter urine right?). Otherwise texture was good.
  • Liver were cooked al dente. Powdery smooth and never overcooked (even at the last piece)
  • Meats were alright, would be best if they could be slightly more tender. 
  • Soup was yums and servers frequently top up
  • Stewed pork leg was delicious, tender chunks of meat fell off when we broke them with chopsticks (pulled pork texture perhaps?)
  • Bean curd skin was average but because other dishes were strong flavoured, this was lighter on the palate. Puffs were flavorful, best eaten with rice 

With the yummy foods we all finished our bowl of rice and some ordered more. Satisfying and we even ordered an extra pork leg and beancurd puffs to have for dinner! And this was it… We transformed it into khao kha moo (Thai stewed pork leg rice)! 


The meal for 5 of us (all adults) cost $65. The additional pork leg and beancurd puffs enough for 4 cost $16.50. Eggs and vegetables not included.

For recipe of the Ajitsuke tamago (marinated soft boil egg) Click here (tip – place eggs about 50g from fridge in tap water, start heat and immediately time 7min. When times up, immediately quick chill the eggs in iced water to stop the cooking process)


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