Mikuni for fine Japanese fare

 Mikuni is one of Singapore’s finest restaurants for Japanese cuisine. A meal here is going to cost but it is especially value for money if one has the Feed At Raffles card. We recently tried their lunch and dinner and enjoyed the food overall. The restaurant is huge and sectioned into the sushi bar, main dining hall and the teppanyaki bar. If sitting at the teppanyaki bar, be aware of the bbq smell on your clothes after the meal.

– please book before heading there as the restaurant was full on a weekday at about 1pm. We ordered from their set menu, their premium bento miyabi which includes the following dishes. Very satisfying meal indeed! 










 For Dinner 

Truffle sea urchin tofu – 38
The uni is hidden under the lightly marinated tofu. With shiso flower’s fresh taste bringing out the creaminess of the tofu and uni, this light starter is a good choice for those with a delicate palate. 


Smoked toro – 42

Comes smoked in a glass bowl on top of the slider toro, the dish looked pretty. However the smokiness was very light, insufficient to enhance the lightly seared pieces of yumminess. 

Ika Kari Kari age – 20

Non oily crispy bite sized squid dipped in creamy truffle miso mayo… Good but nothing special as we could not taste miso and truffle in the mayo 


Mikuni chirashi – 90
Star of the night, the fresh abundance of seafood with the right amount of pearly white rice, outstanding! 


Jap Wagyu sirloin 200g – 175
Beautiful slab of tender, juicy, melt in your mouth beef cooked to perfection. The garlic sweet soy sauce with shichimi went so well, the sweetness of the beef was enhanced. 


Tofu steak – 18
Silken tofu with a very thin layer of coating with miso ginger pine nut sauce, julienned spring onion, though did not look like it came from the hot plate (teppan) was delicious. Great for a light healthy meal as it can be filling. 


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