Spain, Barcelona – exploring Gaudi


Antoni Gaudī is a Spanish Catalan artist and architect who created works of art around Barcelona. In this post, we’d have a look at 4 of the most well known. Gaudí’s love of nature and religion were reflected in his architectural creations. They were awesome!

La Sagrada Familiar 


Park Güell 


Casa Milà/ La Padrera 


Casa Batllò             

 Even the ground that we are walking on were covered with Gaudí tiles 


11 thoughts on “Spain, Barcelona – exploring Gaudi

      1. I’m sorry I didn’t question enough.
        I was so impressed by the eye-catching photo of this post and wanted to try to take the photo if I go to Spain in the near future.

        But thank you for your understanding and answered my question 🙂
        Another photos were impressive ! I feel like going to there soon !


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