Girona, Catalonia – Spain

Girona is located about 100km northeast of Barcelona. From Barcelona, it took about 1.5hrs hours drive on a Saturday. It is a pretty medieval city with Roman trails and remains, Jewish quarter, cathedral, cafes, art museums and displays, and many interesting shops and flea market.

Leona de Girona – this is a statue of a lioness climbing the pole. Kissing the bottom of it signifies that the person would one day return to Girona.

Around the lioness


Houses of the rich and poor – the rich have plastered walls (red), the poor leave them as is (stone wall)

The cathedral

more of its surroundings

view on the top of the hill

choir in the garden

jewish quarter

as it’s spring, flowers and art displays all over

next post will be on Pals, a lovely medieval town. Stay tuned


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