Sightseeing in Milan

As we only had 1.5days to spare in Milan, we went on the City Sightsee bus. There were 3 lines and we explored lines A and C. Prices are reasonable, €25 for 48hrs per person. However, do note that buses stop at about 6 – 7pm and do not run for the full 48hrs. For more details check out City sightsee Milan

In slightly more than half a day, we covered quite a few areas… Love the green buildings like the bosco verticals and apartment blocks with overflowing flowers and greens, it’s spring after all! 



Porta Nuova 


Areas around Duomo 


La Scala area 


Piazza Della republica area 


Torre diamanté & unicredit/ bosco verticals 


Central station 


This is the airport express bus stop. Taking the bus is so much more economical compared to taxis! Only €10 per single trip compared to €80 or more for taxis.

Castello sforzesco/ expo 


Monumentale, San siro stadium 


For all the soccer/ football lovers, this was the legendary stadium.

Along federico caprilli & monte rosa 


Conciliazione area 


Interesting green vehicles, parking styles and more transportation



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