Revisiting Osia @ RWS

It has been 1.5 years since we’ve been back to this establishment by Australian celebrity chef Scott Webster. We tried their set dinner and some bread the last time and as far as I remembered, service was good. This time, we encountered a male wait staff in his late 40s who may be a senior or manager and his service was unsatisfactory. He served without smiles, placed the glasses on the table loudly, pretended not seeing us when we wanted to get his attention. So much for a senior staff at an upmaket restaurant, but the others were friendly and nice.

Now the food – we ordered the Grainge black angus beef OP rib MS+2 (800g) to share. Grainge beef from >100 day grain fed cattles raised free of antibiotics, stimulants or artificial growth agents has natural marbling and good flavour. We waited for about 50min for this beefy goodness when told to wait for 20min. The medium rare OP (oven prepared), MS+2 (marble score) huge rib which came with ratatouille on the side was enough for 3 with average appetite to share. So the 2 of us struggled with it without ordering any starters or sides and had to doggy bag some (ended up with some decent beef stock I made with the left over bone, meat and fat). 


The rib cost $165++ but with the RWS (Resorts World Singapore) invites loyalty program, diners get some discounts when dining. As it was 2 of us, we got a 50% rebate credited into the card for our next visit.

Overall the good food was the saving grace which made up for the poor service from the staff. 

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