Milan to Singapore – Sala Montale lounge and SQ367

Trying to catch up with my posts and so there may be a few backdated ones coming up. Sometime in mid May, I was on a flight to Barcelona on SQ68. Spent more than a week in Barcelona and less than 2 days in Milan. Well, holidays are never enough…

Before the flight back to Singapore from Malpensa airport, we headed to chill at the Sala Montale lounge. It provided some basic snacks and drinks but no hot food. Shower facility is not free and wifi is free for the first hour. We were not there for long so just had some cereal and fruits for breakfast, coffee and some cheese. 


My seat was 17K. As a fan of korean variety, movies and series, am thrilled to see so many movies  to fill up my time till we arrive in Singapore as I do not sleep on planes. Some of them are featured below. Now for the food, satay, my favorite  which always taste the same, came with cucumber and peanut gravy.  Next course was tomato and avocado  tartar  with buffalo mozarella balsamic basil oil. Main was chicken involtini  which was pre ordered and dessert was sicillian cannolo with ricotta cheese chocolate and morello cherrry. To finish off, had gorgonzola cheese. only the dessert was disappointing, cannolo was not crispy.


And it’s time for a break, coffee and a snack. Tried guatemala, brazil and ethiopia throughout the flight and they were all very aromatic and go well with or without milk. Coffees went well with the chocolate coated orange from my favorite italian chocolate brand Venchi. 

Just before touching down, breakfast was served. Preordered the chicken congee which was nothing fanciful but still enjoyable. 


3 thoughts on “Milan to Singapore – Sala Montale lounge and SQ367

  1. The lounge in Milan sounds like a bad place to spend time pre-flight. Paying for shower facilities and Wi-Fi (at least after the first hour) is kind of weird. At least, Singapore Airlines did a great job as always 🙂


    1. The lounge itself was not too bad, quiet and peaceful but yeah, to pay for a shower (about 16euros isn’t exactly cheap too) and wifi was a disappointment, no hot food to me was also another disappointment.

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      1. 16 Euro? That’s ridiculous… Especially before long haul flights, I expect hot food as well. At least the lounge in Singapore is way better!


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