Singapore Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO heritage site!

Many Singaporeans will be proud to have one of our oldest gardens ranked as a UNESCO heritage site. For a small country without natural resources, it’s quite a good achievement plus a big encouragement to those who have put in much effort to keep the garden beautiful and clean. This is also extra meaningful since we are celebrating the nation’s 50th birthday on 09 Aug. Celebrations are ongoing at the garden from 10 Jul – 31 Aug 2015. 

2 Saturdays ago, the gardeners were already prepping the garden. Placing orchids on frangipani trees near the main gate. 

There were also many species of orchids on display at the botany center, many I’ve not seen before. There were also Mr and Mrs Lee Kwan Yew’s commemorative orchids – Aranda Lee Kwan Yew and Vanda Kwa Geok Choo.



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