Ah Wok tze char @ Ion orchard

Tze char literally mean ‘cook fry’. It’s usually a food stall selling many types of food ranging from seafood, meat, vegetables, tofu, noodles, rice dishes. They are prepared using all kinds of cooking methods like stir/ deep frying, steaming, braising.

Ah Wok is one of such stalls. It’s located at B4 of Ion, within Food Opera and it has its own comfortable seating space separated from the rest. 

 The 2 of us ordered fried rice with anchovies, fried bee boon with fish and sizzling tofu. Only the fried rice was worth recommending as its got nice wok hei and was not too oily. While the fish which tasted like they were fried earlier and left out for some time was full of bones and the tofu was just average.

 The amount of food was too much for both of us so we could have skipped the fish bee boon. Prices are quite reasonable as portions are generous. 


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