Saboten Japanese Cutlet @ 313

Our favorite tonkatsu restaurant had been Ma Maison for the longest time and it still is. But now, we also have Saboten. Though opened for a long time, we’ve never really tried till recently. 

We ordered 2 sets. Assorted gozen which had pork fillet cheese asparagus and another set which comes with pork fillet cheese and ebi (prawn). Each set came with very finely shredded cabbage, miso soup and chawanmushi (steamed egg custard). I loved the pestle for the sesame seeds, looked like a thick twig. I find the best way to savor tonkatsu is eating with salt only so the sauce was an extra (never really needed it). To try their sauce since it’s my first time here, I mixed shichimi (Japanese chili powder), tonkatsu sauce and sesame dressing into the sesame, the result was yums! (However, I’d still stick to salt as I find it brings out the flavor of the dish better.)

 The tonktsu was encased in wu kok (a dim sum which is known as yam or taro puff) like coating. Crispy and light and very nice!

For dessert we were given sesame ice cream. 

 Each set which included main (tonkatsu), soup, rice, cabbage, chawanmushi and dessert was about $23 – $25, quite reasonably priced.

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