Tonkatsu by Ma Maison!

Every meal here is satisfying. I love their rosu (pork loin) and ebi (prawn) set. Their cheesy Mille pork is also excellent. Their sauces are excellent but I prefer to dip my meats in rock salt, just brings out the right flavors! I’d also have the shredded cabbage without any sauces/ dressings so that I won’t feel so sinful… Well, I know it won’t have much impact but it’s just psychological.

Brown rice/ multi grain rice is what I’d always order. White rice is good too, but I love my grains! This restaurant makes excellent rice, always cooked al dente, not too hard, not soft, just right! Each grain shines…

A set meal comes with the meats of your choice, rice, tonjiru, cabbage, pickled radish, and some sets come with soba.

A meal here will set you back about $30 – $35 per person.






Tonkatsu ma maison

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