Le Ban HK Cafe for salted egg goodness

Fans of salted egg yolk dishes, you’ll be in for a treat at Le Ban. Some may have heard of their salted egg yolk potato chips or salmon skin which were delish!! They also sell their salted egg yolk sauce.

There is nothing fancy about this cafe, just a few tables indoors (air conditioned) and outdoors. It’s location may not be attractive as it’s at Upper Thomson but prices here are reasonable. 

And something for the vegetarians 

 We tried HK iced milk tea and 3 of their salted egg dishes like the fries, chicken wings and pork chop polo bun. 

 the food was pretty impressive and portions generous for the price. Every dish was sinfully good! With all 3 dishes, 1 bottle of salmon fish skin and 2 bottles of salted egg yolk sauce, we paid $54.

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