Taipei 2015 – part 1 (Butterflies and the flight)

So looking forward to this trip from a few months of stress at work. However the news of typhoon soudelor was heated as of 07 August. Not looking too good but our flight was not cancelled. So we went ahead. 

Changi airport terminal 3 butterfly garden

It’s a small but educational garden with different species of butterflies. Seeing them metamorphosize from egg, larva, pupa, adult. Spot the butterflies below.

The flight – Eva Air elite class 

Eva Air terms their premium economy as elite class. We really enjoyed the flight as the seats were very comfy, wide leg space and wider inclination angle on the backrest. Leg rest is attached to our seats, tray table as well were hidden inside the arm rest, much like business/ first class. 

 Menu and meal onboard 

The salads were average but the beef was tender and flavorful and fruits were sweet especially watermelon. There was also a packet of seaweed/ laver. The only item I was really looking forward to was bottled water which they do not provide for this class.

The weather in Taipei

Very gloomy and windy when we landed in the evening. We were thankful we booked a driver to pick us up weeks ago so we did not have to worry about transport. The roads were quite clear and we arrived at the hotel within 20min. 

It was very windy and we hurriedly checked in, and went around Ximending to grab dinner to have in our room. While we were queuing, it started to drizzle. We were glad to have escaped the downpour.

Will be sharing the aftermath of the typhoon in my next post.

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