Taipei 2015 – the food

Food is always the main reason why we love Taiwan. All the street foods and local dishes were irresistible.  Here’s some we’ve tried and this is a photo heavy and long post but we hope you would find this useful when planning what to eat in Taipei

温州大馄饨 – Wenzhou big wantons (Taipei Main Station)

Wanton soup, dragon heard vegetables, black pepper squid, braised beef noodles

Information and address in chinese
Street carts and stalls within Ximending 

From top left – stinky fried tofu (臭豆腐), soy eggs (卤蛋), steamed morning glory (烫空心菜), stewed bamboo shoots (路竹笋), ah zong intestine mian xian (阿宗面线), braised pork rice with tofu (卤肉饭/ 千层豆腐), chicken rice (鸡肉饭)

From top left – small sausage in big sausage (大肠包小肠), braised items (卤味), salty water chicken (咸水鸡), fried chicken (炸鸡), braised duck wing (卤鸭翅), Smelly tofu (臭豆腐)

Information for all braised foods
For yummy braised kelp go to this branch
Breads from Taipei Main Station 

Milk houses – info in Chinese  those sesame laden flaky pastries filled with radish and spring onions were the best!


Gakuden bakery – Hengyang St 

Salted caramel soft serve & my favorite orange loaf 

Click here for more info

We walked from Our hotel to the supermarket, took us about 20min through dark streets but safe to walk. Products in huge netted containers and watermelons as long as our torsos. 


  • We went back to Kitcho this time for lunch. Their prices increased quite abit since 2013. Dinner started from NT1800 then. Now, lunch starts from NT2500! So we went for the entry level set. Food and quality was still good but the quantity was reduced where sashimi and sushi had thinner fish slices. 

 We also saw how they ‘shucked’ the sea urchins (uni). 

 Shinlidaya (新利大雅) 

We were brought (by local friends) to this local Hakka restaurant where we were the only guests that evening. For a moment I thought we went into the wrong place. Surprisingly, ingredients were fresh and the dishes were really special and delicious. 

We had 

  1. stir fried jelly fish and kidney with crispy you tiao
  2. Oyster omelette with sesame buns
  3. Seafood rice noodle soup
  4. Deep fried red yeast eel
  5. Steamed prawns
  6. Stir fried potato leaves (no photo)

 Meet baking (御见) Nama chocolate cake 

Our local friend ordered this from Taichung where they did not have a shop front nor do they sell out from their bakery in Taichung. I was really happy to receive it when we met! The cake was really light and airy and the center though really soft was not really oozing with chocolate and not too sweet. Perhaps as we were in the hotel and did not have microwave, could not prepare the cake per instructions. Other than the Nama cakes, they have other products. 

Meetbaking website

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