Taipei 2015 – the hotel 

This trip, we stayed at the Westgate. A very nice business hotel. That said, we had to switch rooms a few times. 

1st suite’s air condition was not functioning and there was no window. So not sure how this can be a suite. However this was the best room as there were 2 sinks and there was a distinct separation (a door) between the bathroom, work desk and living room. We also had free mini bar fully stocked with drinks and snacks. If only the air con worked and there were proper windows.

   As the air condition needs fixing, the next room which was the only one available was for four and was not a suite. However, we had queen beds each and that was nice. The bathroom (2 sinks) and pantry was also separated by a wall. There were windows in this room so we could see how bad the typhoon was.

  The third room was a suite but was a little lacking as there was only 1 sink, no separation between the bathroom, it’s an open concept. Mini bar was lacking as there drinks but no snacks. The king sized bed was too far from the tv and so the remote would not work if we lean on the bed head. 

 other amenities in the hotel include a mini gym (3 equipments) laundry area and ice dispenser. 

 breakfast is included (at the restaurant called Unwind) and the spread was good. Small selection but sufficient. We had to check out very early for our flight and the hotel provided a takeaway box. However, do inform the reception a day before.

 Overall we still enjoyed our stay. The hotel staff were friendly and helpful. The location is great and we could access everything easily be it public transport, shopping and food.

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