Taipei 2015 – Shenkeng (深坑) old street

This old fashioned street filled with different kinds of snacks and delicacies is a must visit for all tofu lovers and those who like old fashioned buildings.

We arrived slightly passed 11am on a weekday and there were not many visitors. We were glad to be able to explore without all the pushing and squeezing. 

 Various shops selling tofu of all kinds, local fruit drinks and clothing, preserved foods and fruits, handmade cakes/ kuehs with fillings, cane/ straw products, buffalo horn combs, retro candy and toy store, etc… 

 We got some local nut crisps as souvenirs for friends and family. One type was made with black sesame and the other made with peas. Very crispy, not too sweet and very addictive.

There was a modern part at the end of the old street. Getting there via public transport is not difficult. However there are no direct metro or bus. Some prefer to take taxis but we had a driver to bring us around for a day. 

After Shenkeng, we headed to Pingxi/ Shifen area. Do look out for the next post!

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