Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands

Gordan Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen opened its doors in June this year at MBS. We were glad to know that another celebrity restaurant joined in the league. We’ve tried Maze in Melbourne years ago and were impressed with the quality of food. So we were eager to try this new establishment knowing that the genre of food was very different. Still we had high expectations. 

When we arrived, we had to wait for about 10min at the outdoor area and then we were seated comfortably inside. The restaurant was fully packed on a weekday, even at the counter facing the passersby/ cyclists.

They had virgin cocktails and we tried 2. Rhythm and blues, summer halia. They also offered some snacks and light bites  to go with drinks.

Now for the food, breads and butter were great as I love them! Two of us shared 3 mains and they were good, but not extraordinary.

  1. Roasted black cod
  2. BSK short rib beef burger
  3. Traditional fish and chips of course!


 Now for dessert – sticky date pudding which we loved! Light, soft and the fragrance of dates and caramel was satisfying.

 Will we be back? Probably not. The drinks and food were average. While the breads and dessert were good, it’s not attractive enough for us to come back. The waitress took our bread away so quickly without checking with us, assumed we did not want more. That was a put off. Overall, we felt like the restaurant was no different from another cafe.

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