Masizzim beef ribs!

For fans of stewed beef ribs, Masizzim is the place to go. I am so glad that they opened an outlet at 313 Somerset. 

The restaurant is still quite new, probably opened for less than a month but their beef ribs is not to be trifled with. 

 The menu may not be extensive, but the food quality is good, at affordable prices. 

Usually Korean restaurants serve a few complimentary appetizers before the meal. And these small dishes are the only ones I couldn’t appreciate. They were sweet dishes of corn and egg potato salad, lettuce with yoghurt sauce, thin pickled daikon slices, sliced onion in sweet soy sauce. They were all too sweet for my liking, almost thought desserts came before the meal. After trying a tiny bit of each, I had to wash them down with lotsa lemon infused water as I do not have a sweet tooth, all the more I could not stomach savory dishes tasting sweet.

Then came our beef rib stew boiling above some solid fuel with glass noodles, spiciness level 1. We paired it with kimchi fried rice with a small top up. Both dishes were very good! The beef was so tender, slides off the bone and was so very tasty. The kimchi fried rice was slightly spicy and tangy, so appetizing! 

Chive and squid pancake came with onion soy sauce. I’m not a fan of chives, but this dish, I just ate and ate… Need I say more?

 Beef rib soup and tomato cheese kimchi pancake were also very good. The soup was sweet from the beef bones. The beef like the stew, slides off the bone. As I like a heavier taste, had to add some soy sauce and chili flakes to the soup. However, it was already delicious by itself. The pancake had slices of kimchi and I also sprinkled some chili flakes to make them taste even better. 


Overall we’d give Masizzim an 8/10 for the food though appetizers can be improved.

3 thoughts on “Masizzim beef ribs!

      1. Why have sweet appetizers? Doesn’t sound right at all! I always thought Koreans used lots of chilli, so when you said that the food wasn’t to taste, it rendered the meal to be a bit meh.. Well that’s what I gathered from your post.


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