Lunch at May May on Tras Street 

May May at Tras Street offers fusion food, a lot of Japanese and a little bit of peranakan or Indonesian. They are open from 11am – 11pm from Monday to Saturday and 11am – 5pm on Sunday. We arrived before 1.30pm and the place was packed. 

 We came to try their rice bowls and there were 5 types to choose from. We went for the braised pork belly and butter poached cod.

To be honest, we weren’t too impressed with the cod rice bowl though they were visually pleasing. We could not taste the butter and the cod pieces were presented with some savory sauce. With the shimeji mushrooms, wakame and sprouts, the taste of the cod was masked completely. 

The braised pork belly rice bowl on the other hand was tastier. Though the piece of pork looked pale and covered with the same sauce for the cod, it was cooked till fork tender and the fats melting. This dish came with some pickled vege looking like coleslaw but tasted sour (not sauerkraut) and had a unique pleasant taste. Other ingredients were the same – crunchy slices of lotus root, tomatoes, sprouts, shimeji mushrooms. 

For drinks, we had the lengkuas (blue ginger) lemonade which tasted quite bland. I could not make out the if there was lengkuas present. 

 The serving speed was really quick maybe because the ingredients of the rice bowls were pretty much the same. We may give this place a miss unless the menu’s more interesting.

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