Hubers butchery on Dempsey Road

Hubers is a Swiss butchery specializing in all types of meat (beef, lamb, veal, pork, poultry). They also offer marinated meats ready to cook or bbq. Of course, they also have sausages, hams and cold cuts. 

 This is my first time at Hubers and am impressed with the 2 level mini market and bistro all under one roof. It comes complete with a gourmet grocery section. With chocolates from Koko black, Swedish cereals and muesli, gourmet butter and cheeses and many more interesting foodstuffs. 

Not forgetting the booze section!! 

There’s also a small vegetables/ herbs section which provides an extensive variety in a very small space.

I came here for convenience to buy all the ingredients for the Beef stew. Hubers also offers recipes on their website. I’ve adapted the beef cheeks recipe to make my stew. Worked well! Would be glad to be back again to shop for more gourmet ingredients. 


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