Singapore to Bali – Silverkris Lounge & SQ938

Before embarking on our trip, we stopped by the Silverkris lounge at Changi Airport terminal 2 and immediately I liked it better than the one at terminal 3 for a simple reason, less crowded. It’s common that travelers prefer business class for longer haul flights and therefore naturally more passengers at terminal 3. Though, if you’re flying first class, you’re in for a treat at terminal 3 as its usually quiet and very nice lounge indeed.

So back to the lounge at T2. It’s spacious and we need not sit next to other passengers like in T3, where everyone’s packed like sardines, and sometimes no privacy. We had more than enough space for the 2 of us and we were happily having our breakfast In front of the buffet counters then moving onto the resting/ lazing area. 

Business travelers have ample workspaces and private call booths.

Good selection of papers and mags 

Quite a good selection of food compare to most lounges around the world, as we’re on the morning flight at about 8am, there was the breakfast selection with enough hot food like omelette, rice porridge, nasi lemak (Asian coconut rice with condiments), dim sums (har kow and pao), chwee Kueh (rice cakes with turnip bits), fried carrot cake, etc. There was also a selection of coffee, TWG teas, cereals, yoghurt, fruits, alcohol, and more. 

And here’s what we ate 

Onboard SQ938 (A330-300), we were served by a team of friendly flight hosts and hostesses. Our seats were 11A and C with the widest legroom of all rows. Even when I stretched my legs straight, I still could not touch the seat pocket in front. 

 The book the cook burger was better than the standard food onboard. I had the beef noodles and did not like it (beef was tough and noodles quite tasteless), so I was offered the other dish of spicy chicken rice by the flight hostess (still not very tasty but oh well). 






Entertainment on board – just a snapshot of movies of course there’s also ample of other shows, radio stations/ music and games to keep passengers busy.  

On arrival, we were greeted by nice views just before we touched down.      

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