Dining in Bali – hits and misses part 2

Previously we shared Part 1 of the dining hits and misses. We are back to share more of the experiences we’ve had in Bali.

Sardine on Jl Petitenget

The good – this restaurant is beautifully decorated, completely al fresco and known for its seafood dishes. Guests can either overlook a padi field or face the bar/ koi pond. Food was good, not amazing. Appetizers of manis clams and yellowfin tuna were good, grilled hamachi was average. 

The not so good – we realized that some really beautiful restaurants patrons raved about may not really have great food. Prawn & blue crab dumpling was disappointing. Great for those who love the heat, we were perspiring while eating… Not very enjoyable. Beware the mozzies, whack on the repellents. Wait staff were not very attentive and may not understand English very well though there was a caucasian possibly Australian hostess. 

 Sisterfields on Jl Kayu Cendana

The good – the very popular cafe with pretty good coffee and desserts, always packed so do try to make a reservation but the wait is not too bad. The lemon raspberry gin dessert was great! It looked like some deconstructed pastry or eaton mess lookalike but it was tangy refreshing and though there was no taste of gin, we liked it.

The not so good – dirty burger was average, we were disappointed that thousand island sauce was used and it literally soaked through the bun. Patty was a tad overdone but the fries were the saving grace. 

Monsieur spoon Oberoi on Jl Kayu Cendana

The good – small and quiet French cafe though just 2 doors away from Sisterfields. Known for their croissants, we ordered a mini chocolate to try (costs IDR9k). But maybe it was not warmed, it tasted average but the chocolate was quite creamy.

The not so good – not sure as we did not try as much of their items to comment further. 

Corner house on Jl Laksmana

The good – good coffee, cosy restaurant with a nice bar on both levels. Nice restrooms too! We tried the seafood nasi goreng and was impressed with the taste… Lotsa vegetables and chicken bits though not so much seafood as we’d like. Sambal was really good.

The not so good – nothing really… 

Chandi on Jl Laksmana

The good – nice ambience, romantic setting, attentive wait staff and good food other than satays (sate). We tried their muddled spritzers of citrus ginger lemongrass and cucumber Apple basil; appetizer tasting plate and loved all the dishes especially the mini beef rendang envelopes, salt & green pepper squid, crisp tempe manis; spicy purple eggplant curry and mixture of chicken, beef, tofu and tempe satays. Of which the vegetarian satays of tofu and Tempe strode out surprisingly. Dessert of lemon tart with tamarillo sorbet was nice and refreshing because of the meringue on top of the tart, kaffir lime zest and berry coulis.

The not so good – we were disappointed by the chicken and beef satays which were quite tough and burnt. 



The Coffee Library on Jl Kayu Aya

The good – interesting decor and nice hand written pillows with different quotes.

The not so good – coffee was so so, we did not try their food as we just stopped for coffee but saw the guests from next table left their pasta almost untouched. They were creative and recycled coffee gunny sacks on their seats but that was abit uncomfortable for those wearing short shorts. 

Biku on Jl Petitenget

The good – nice ambience and food at very reasonable prices. We’ve tried their ribs, chicken porridge, chicken soup, satays, nasi campur, carrot cake and were good. Affogato which came with ample ice cream, baileys, strong coffee and a spoon coated with chocolate was really good. Nice, strong and creamy liquor and coffee…

The not so good – very popular restaurant so do make reservations beforehand. We did not really like the fish and chips as the batter was not crispy. 

Metis for lunch

The good – Please refer to the previous post on our dinner experience. We came back to try their lunch which was much more affordable. A 2 course for IDR 115k was quite reasonable we thought. So we had the moist oven baked paper wrapped snapper and dessert of poached pear (pear belle Helene) and a delicious Wagyu cheese burger at the same price. With an additional coffee, we paid about IDR 320k

The not so good – nothing really no mozzies in the day and no issues taking photos with phones. 

 Till our next trip, we’ll share more… Next post will be on our accommodation in Bali… Please stay tuned…



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