Bali – Pasar Taman Sari, Lake Batur and some interesting findings

Merry Christmas everyone! 

In the recent trip to Bali, we stumbled upon Pasar Taman Sari which was a popular place in Seminyak for reasonably priced fresh fruits and local snacks.


Lake Batur is a beautiful caldera which is also a large crater formed by volcanic eruption. The drive up was enjoyable though the weather wasn’t optimal that day… Very gloomy and rained on the way. It took us about 1.5hrs to drive up from seminyak as traffic was quite good though raining. There were quite a few vendors when we arrived selling puppies, souvenirs, food and fruits. At about 1700m above sea level, the view was pretty awesome.

Other interesting findings we spotted were posters outside restaurants, mangoes cut beautifully, snacks on scooter, chicken as a pet, signs alohg roadside, remnants of earthquake/ volcanic eruption, shops recruiting, at cafes, ‘autumn’ colors from the trees in Bali.

We hope you’ll enjoy Bali like we did.

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