What to eat when staying at The Club

We enjoyed our stay at The Club, and the food even more as it was so convenient for us to get to 2 of Singapore’s most popular hawker centers Amoy and Maxwell. Also one of the hotel’s restaurant, Tiger’s Milk.

Starting with Amoy Street Food Centre, we took a short walk through Ann Siang Hill park which was right across from The Club. Explore the history of the area and walk past the shophouses of cafes and restaurants.

When at the food center, look out for the wall murals or street art by Anglo Chinese School students. This is an SG50 initiative, many come by to take photos of them or with them. 

There are quite a few famous hawker stalls at Amoy Street Food Center. To name a few, there’s Hong Kee beef noodle, char kway teow at the corner of the building, Yuan Chun Lor mee, and more. We did not have those but tried some of the other stalls like Thai food – basil chicken rice, green curry, Phad Thai. Wanton and chicken feet noodle and curry puff, yam puffs (no photos for the puffs)

Then take a walk along Amoy Street to Sarnies for some Cocowhip. Frankly speaking we did not know how to appreciate this healthy cold serve. It tasted like fermented coconut, not sweet and rather bland. It was quite costly for a cup, approximately $6.

 More good food awaited us at Maxwell Food Centre located just a mere 5min walk on the right of The Club and home to the world famous Tian Tian chicken rice.

  Other well known stalls were the hum Jin Pang (salted fried pastry in Cantonese), Fuzhou oyster cake. Crispy on the outside and full of filling on the inside. There were 2 – 3 oysters, minced meat and vegetables in it.

  Sotong and meat balls from this stall were pretty delicious too!  

Some pretty decent and generous portion of char Siew and sio bak (叉烧烧肉) 



Some rojak or po piah or tau pok from this stall which is also popular 

Famous fish soup with long queue during a weekday. Remembered this fish soup to be tastier about a few years ago though…

For dessert, there’s banana fritters and potato balls (pure sweet potato, vegetable and pandan coconut). These items are carbo and fat laden, not for the faint hearted.



If you prefer to just laze in the hotel, there’s also room service or Tiger’s Milk. Nice place, overlooking the central business district and Buddha tooth temple is a Peruvian rooftop bar with friendly staff and food that’s not too bad. We loved the Wagyu beef rib fingers. The causa layered dish was just average as it tasted like boiled/ mashed potatoes spread with some prawns, mayo, eggs and avocado… Quite plain but avocado was fresh so I was just picking them.




We hope you’d enjoy this post. Have a great weekend! 




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