Foods of celebration – CNY 2016

Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) is a period of celebration, catching up with relatives, and eating. Other than eating out at restaurants, we much savor home cooked dishes. 

Throughout the 2 weeks of celebration, we’ve had simple hotpots or steamboats, vegetarian meals and complex dishes like braised seafoods 

The hotpots/ steamboats are usually served for reunion dinners, on CNY eve for our family. When the family gets together, the different ingredients go into the same pot as well… This signifies togetherness for us.

Vegetarian meal is usually served the 1st day of CNY 

More complex dishes like braised seafoods, curries, various different dishes are served the other days of CNY 

Some other amazing Homemade Thai dishes… Oh so Gd… 


Last but not least, yu sheng which includes symbolic wishes related to wealth and prosperity, abundance, good luck, youth, progress… This dish includes shredded vegetables and usually raw fish such as salmon. However, we replaced raw fish with canned abalones. We then toss the ingredients as high as we can to mix them. 

 22 Feb marks the last day of CNY 2016…. What homemade delicacies did you have these 2 weeks?

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